Present Simple

1.To express an action that happens again and again, that is a habit.

I usually get up at 7 o’clock. Nick always helps his friends.

2.To express a fact which is always true.

Rockets fly faster than airplanes.
Expressions: always every day usually sometimes never

Present Continuous

Use: express an activity that is happening at the moment of speaking

What are you doing now? express an activity or situation that is true now but it is not necessarity happening at the moment of speaking.

Don’t take the book I am reading it.

3. to express a temporary activity

I’am living with my friends until I find a place to live

4. to express a planned future arangement
I am having a meeting with my classmates tomorrow
We don’t use Present Continuous with words: like believe know think want remember hope neeed remember

Past Simple

1. to express a finished action in the past

I bought this book in Vilnius.

2. to express actions which follow each other in the story

Shakespeare was born in England. He wrote hamlet in 1599. He died in1637.

3. to express a past situation or habit

Jack played chess very well when he was a small boy.

Past Simple time expressions
I did Last night
I did Two days ago
I did Yesterday morning
I did in 1985
I did When I was young

Past Continuous

1. to express an activity in progress in the past.

When I woke up it was snowing describe a situation or activity during the period in the past

Jan looked lovely. She waswearing green dress.

3. to express an interrupted past activity

I was sweeping the dust when the vaz broke.

4. to express an ninconplete activity in the past in order to contrast with the past simple which expresses a conpleted activity.

I was reading a book during the flight

5. the past simle is usually used to express a repeated past habit or situation.

I went out with Jack

But past continuous can used if a reapeated past habit becomes a longer ‘setting’ for something

I was going out with Jack when I first met Harry

Present Perfect

1.It express an action that began in past and still continues.

How long have you known each other?

I have lived in kaunas for ten years

2.It expresses experience that happend at some time in one’s life.

Have you ever been to Moscow? I’ve never heard of Mr. Johnson.

3.It expresses a past action that has a present result.

I’ve lost my keys, I can’t enter the house.

I’ve already done my homework.

We often anounce news in Present Perfect

Oh I’ve cut my finger

Have you heard the president has resigned.

Past Perfect

The Past Perfect is used to make clear that one action in the past happened before another action in the past.

He thanked me for what I had done for him.

When he came back his parents had been sleeping

The Present Perfect Passive
The uses of the Present Perfect are the same in the passive

Two millions cars have been produced so far this year.
Have you ever been made redundant?

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